People, from all walks of life, who live and work within a five-mile radius of Philadelphia City Hall, find out what true impact is.

A mbition drives a rising young Philadelphia political operative to disgrace and she finds herself suddenly powerless to help when a rebellious girl on parole pleads for help and shows her what real impact is.

This is the story of Destiny Drifting and how small actions change the world.

This feature narrative drama shows the connections and relationships between a diverse cast of characters who live and work within five miles of Philadelphia City Hall.

It’s the story of the power and the yearning to be significant as seen in the political elite and a young girl living in the despair of the Badlands in the most violent and crime-ridden neighborhood in the city.

This is the story of how small actions change the world.

If you remember the movie “Crash” you will get a sense of how the city becomes a character in the movie as we travel from the halls of the Mayor’s office to the hopelessness of the Badlands.

This is a movie about seeing no options to be significant when the truth is we all have an impact on thousands of people whether we want to or not just by existing.

It’s about making choices to see the possibilities that exist when we expand our vision. It’s about how one girl who seems to have no options can impact the world and how that can spread to millions.